For the truly intrepid thrill seeker, ain't no mountain high enough. For those who enjoy the finer things in life, perhaps even 5 stars won't cut it.

Welcome to the collision of both worlds.


My name is Lesley Murphy. Yes, I was on The Bachelor. Yes, I hold a world record. And no, I don't regret much of anything about the crazy experience. That being said... Stay tuned as I continue my journey for love travel.

On The Road Les Traveled, I'll embrace adventure and take you on authentic trips to far away lands. Think glacier hiking in Patagonia and after a return to your 5 star hotel, a spa treatment based on Thai traditions followed by a dinner with local delicacies such as herb roasted lamb and a fine Malbec from the region. Perhaps it's an African safari outing before returning to your chic, modern suite with a private plunge pool and terrace open to the stars.

As adventure travel becomes more sophisticated, there exists an appealing experience in a unique destination with an array of activities at your doorstep. These activities are as much a part of the fabric as the plush beds, oversized bathrooms and high-speed internet.

To me, luxury travel is that sense of awe you knew as a kid. It's a balance between enrichment, authenticity and exclusivity. It heightens all 5 senses and fuels your needs entirely - physically, emotionally, intellectually. It's comfy seats with legroom for days, complimentary wi-fi when you need it, and doing what you want, when you want, in the name of freedom. It's time well deserved and money well spent. It's an appreciation for the finer things in life, no matter if those things are 5 stars or high mountains.

Passion is what sets todays best adventure travel experts apart. It's not about just the experience, it's about sharing it, and lucky for you that's exactly what I'm doing here.

As I currently live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you can find me sipping Malbec in Palermo, embarrassing myself with my sub-par Castellano, or collecting passport stamps like it's my job...because really, it is.